Nicholas Koy Santillo specializes in storytelling through movement, specifically combat.

He is an alumnus of Concordia University and LAMDA (the London Academy of Musical and Theatre Arts). 

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Nicholas is a classically trained actor, receiving a BFA in Theatre Performance from Concordia University in Montreal and an MA in Classical Acting for the Professional Theatre from LAMDA in London, UK.  He has trained in the martial-dance performance style of traditional Beijing Opera, at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) in Beijing, and also in Western styles of stage combat.  He is certified as an Advanced Actor-Combatant through Fight Directors Canada and the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.  He has been working professionally in the theatre since 2008.

As a producer Nicholas co-founded Tabling: The PodcastDucdame Ensemble and Jingju Canada – which was Canada’s only theatre company dedicated to the proliferation of traditional Peking opera across Canadian culture.
As a part of Jingju Canada, he produced many cultural and corporate performances for such institutions as the Montreal Botanical Garden, Asian Heritage Month and Bombardier inc.  He translated and co-directed the first full length English production of the traditional Peking opera show “Crossroads”, which was nominated for multiple awards at the 2011 Montreal Fringe festival including; Best English Production and Best English Comedy.

As an instructor Nicholas has worked as an administrator, guest lecturer, assistant professor and workshop leader for Concordia’s theatre department in many Intro. to Acting and Theatre History classes as well as an advanced studio course on Peking opera.
In addition to the Martial Dance styles of Peking opera, Nicholas