Nicholas is a classically trained actor, receiving an an MA in Classical Acting for the Professional Theatre from LAMDA and a BFA in Theatre Performance from Concordia University in Montreal.  He has trained in the martial-dance performance style of traditional Beijing Opera, at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) in Beijing, and also in Western styles of stage combat - where he is certified as an Advanced Actor-Combatant through Fight Directors Canada.  He has been working professionally in the theatre since 2008.

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Selected Theatre Roles:

  • Olivia,  Tweflth Night  |  Ariana Karp
  • Friar Francis,  Much Ado About Nothing  |  Linda Miller
  • King John,  King John  |  Richard Beecham
  • Harlequin,  Double Inconstancy  |  Hannah Eidenow
  • Tello,  The Gentleman of Olmedo  |  Penny Cherns
  • Ferdinand, The Duchess of Malfi  |  William Oldroyd
  • York,  King Henry IV pt. 2  |  John Bashford
  • Petruchio,  The Taming of the Shrew|  Tina Marian
  • Masahiro,  A Thousand Paper Cranes  |  Micheline Chevrier
  • Monkey King,  Journey to the West|  Shijia Jiang
  • Liu Li Hua,  Crossroads  |  Shijia Jiang
  • Young Ebenezer,  A Christmas Carol|  Dean Fleming
  • Flote,  Red Noses  |  Joel Miller
  • Algernon,  Importance of Being Earnest  |  Jill Frappier

Selected Fight Director Credits:

  • The Gentleman of Olmedo  |  LAMDA
  • The Duchess of Malfi  |  LAMDA
  • The Taming of the Shrew  |  LAMDA
  • Checkmate  |  Frog In Hand Productions
  • Stalled  |  Natural Progression Theatre
  • Crossroads  |  Jingju Canada
  • Zombie Island  |  Cool Beans Productions
  • Aladdin  |  Left of Centre Theatre

Selected V.O. Credits:

  • Host  |  Tabling: The Podcast
  • The Holy War, Cpt. Boanerges  |  Flame CCR
  • Newcomer Information Tool, Narrator  |  Prosper Canada
  • DHIS2 Online Learning, Narrator  |  LogicalOutcomes

Selected Dance Credits:

  • Medea,  Jason  |  Vince Manna
  • Junction Jam,  Ensemble  |  Colleen Snell
  • Arena,  Referee  |  Colleen Snell
  • Checkmate,  White Clown  |  Colleen Snell