As a producer Nicholas constantly strives to invigorate the arts in culture and connect cultures through art.  

He is a producer and co-founder of Tabling: The PodcastDucdame Ensemble and Jingju Canada (now inactive) – which was Canada’s only theatre company dedicated to the proliferation of traditional Peking opera across Canadian culture.

Tabling: The Podcast

First conceived during his training at LAMDA, in 2014, Nicholas created Tabling for non-actors and fans of theatre to get a peak behind the curtain of the rehearsal process.  Focusing on classical works, actors are invited to discuss the entirety of a play as if preparing a full scale production.  Episodes are divided by the play's Acts and are recorded in a candid free-flowing conversation, making Tabling a representation of the first week of rehearsals.  Each episode shows the intellectual and academic work, dramatic and character analysis, and team building, that is behind all great classical theatre.

Tabling: The Podcast launched in April of 2015 and releases new episodes every Monday, available on iTunes or on our website.

Selected Episodes:


Ducdame Ensemble

Ducdame Ensemble was founded by the 2014 graduates of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art's Master's Degree in Classical Acting for the Professional Theatre program. Founding Members are comprised of artists spread across three countries and two continents, further advancing our mission to bring a collaborative, international aesthetic to the home of the ensemble in New York City.  

Ducdame Ensemble's first production, of Fuente Ovejuna at the 2015 New York City Fringe festival, won an award for Overall Excellence in Directing.  

Recently, Ducdame Ensemble produced Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice for the International Shakespeare Center's inaugural repertory season.

  • "Consistently riveting, sometimes brusque, sometimes perplexing, sometimes shocking, like a high-energy direct hit of singing poetry"  |  Live Out Loud: Santa Fe

Selected reviews for Fuente Oveuna:

  • "to watch is to visit a talented team that coalesces nicely and brings out the best in each other."  |  The Garden State Journal
  • "William Oldroyd's production... is zippy and efficient, shaving the play down to one hour. The feisty young cast dives into the story, luxuriating in its epic gore and horribleness."  |  TheatreMania
  • "Only an hour long, with virtually no set... and simple costumes, the story unfolds with an inexorable pace that drives to the end in a startlingly modern-resonating parable about a people uprising against abhorrent, aberrant tyrannical leadership. The performances are uniformly outstanding so it’s not fair to single anyone out... We need the story of Fuente Ovejuna."  |  NY Theater now


Jingju Canada

As a part of Jingju Canada, Nicholas produced many cultural and corporate performances for such institutions as the Montreal Botanical Garden, Asian Heritage Month and Bombardier inc.  He translated and co-directed the first full length English production of the traditional Peking opera show “Crossroads”, which was nominated for multiple awards at the 2011 Montreal Fringe festival including; Best English Production and Best English Comedy.